Oh, yes. You can now join us on Social Networking sites. We're kinda old fashion so we ain't with all the hip stuff, but we do some of it... think of us like your really cool grandma: Facbook? check! Twitter, er, not so much.

  • Facebook: Hells, yea! Become our fan, baby!
  • Myspace: Do people still do that?
  • YouTube: Er, maybe some day.
  • Twitter: #microblogfail. srsly, do you really want to know what we had for breakfast? Well, okay:
    • Molly Mae: A selection of fruit, berries and cheese.
    • Bjorn Roche: Breakfast in bed with his two black cats.
    • Michael Rutberg: Ate breakfast on his way to work. One hand feeding himself, the other hand performing calculations for the next moon rover.
    • Jake Hart: Was last seen in blue makeup typing an epic screenplay on his computer; however, his current whereabouts are unknown. If you have any information, please contact us.